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"Unparalleled professionalism and value”.

Planning an overseas holiday can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. It's hard enough learning the ins and outs of a foreign country let alone booking accommodation, flights and activities and organising passports and travel insurance. That's where a travel agent comes in handy. 

Go Travel offers everything from the best deals, to VIP treatment, to having someone to turn to when the unexpected occurs. We know how important your holiday is and will take care of all the little things, so you don’t have to. We work collaboratively with you, our clients, both business and leisure, to sort through vast amounts of information and help you make informed decisions

Established in 2002, Go Travel is a committed family business and are extremely passionate about what we do.  Our staff is expertly trained, well-travelled and knowledgeable, and pride themselves in providing a dedicated and personal service for every trip.  We are independent which gives us access to a wide range of tour operators and airlines in order to find the best possible prices. Whatever you are looking for we are here to help. Our expertise ensures a positive travel experience no matter where your travels take you. Go Travel will create the perfect holiday packages, tailored to your dreams and customised to your budget!

Believe it or not, we don’t charge high fees. In fact, Go Travel does not charge fees for the majority of travel booked through our agency. Bring in your online quotes as we can often match or beat internet deals apples for apples. 


“Okuhle esikwenzayo kwanale – from Zulu  the translation is "only our BEST is enough..."


Why Book with a Travel Agent?

Researching your next trip is an exciting stage in your travel plans. Booking with an ATAS accredited agent means you’re in safe hands and can travel with confidence.

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Expert Guidance
  3. Time Saving
  4. Convenience
  5. Extra Value and Cost Savings
  6. Professional Advice
  7. A Personal Touch
  8. Unbiased Recommendations
  9. Your Personalised Travel Specialist
  10. Customer Advocacy

Speak to us in store about how we can ensure your adventure is once-in-a-lifetime!

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